Create Your Life

Its the time of resolutions and hope for the new year.  There is nothing bad about this renewed hope and feeling of resetting.  The problem that I encounter and I see many others encounter is that this is where our work on this stops.  It isn’t just at new years, it seems we often see something that needs changing and we hope that it will.  We hope and we dream, but never seem to push hard enough to see it happen.  Sometimes we start and don’t see sweeping change so we stop (why the gym is suddenly empty again in February). Sometimes there is something big that absolutely needs to change if you are to move forward. Sometimes your growth is stunted for so long, the thought of things being better with some adjustments is more frightening than hopeful.  It’s not that you don’t want the better life, it’s that the role you are in has become so comfortable that you resist the change.  My partner said to me last night that she can see the changes in how I react to things, but that I am still comfortable in my roll of being a victim so I’m not seeing these improvements and in turn push the people I love away.  This stung a little because I have been trying hard to shed that old skin.   She said I need to take it off and burn it to move forward.  She is 100 percent correct in this analysis and now I need to take the next step.  Here is where so many of us fall.  We see that the change is needed and would be beneficial, but we also see how difficult the work will be and we become discouraged.  There is noone who is going to force us or do this for us; it’s up to us and the consequences either way are real.  What is worse,  the pain of change or the pain of remaining stuck and being left behind? 


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