To me, positivity was no longer lame when I realized it wasn’t aboutabout being fake, but about revolutionizing the way I view myself and the world around me.   It is not about always being happy, but about not allowing hopelessness to become who you are.   This has been a game changer over the last year for me.   I saw positivity as faking being happy and being unrealistic in your expectations.  I saw it as naive and childish because I misunderstood what it meant.  I embraced my misery because I assumed it was who I was and felt it was the only way I could be real.  Oh how I was wrong! Embracing that misery sent me on a very destructive road and I became a thin shell of a man, broken down because of a hopelessness that I allowed to become me. Through some very hard and sometimes intense realizations I began to rediscover myself and while doing so began to understand the spirit behind keeping a positive mental attitude. I viewed myself through a much kinder lense and began to see the potential that resided inside of me.  A potential that some had seen before I did.  A potential that I couldn’t see when I used hopelessness to define me.  Instead of being defeated I looked for the opportunities that presented themselves and figured out how to move forward when times get hard.  You see, positivity is about changing what you allow to control you and not letting the hard times take your life from you.  It’s not cheesy, fake happiness.  It’s not having your head in the clouds.  It’s about finding who you are and pushing forward with the confidence that you will prevail if you try.  PMA


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