Life is a struggle.  Always has been and always will be.  It is full of pain, disappointment, heartache, and self doubt.  These are truths for everyone.  It is important to accept that as such.  These things need not define us, however.  We have choices to make every day that can alter our path and be the difference between being stuck and moving ahead.  As humans we tend to live a lot in the past and the future.  This makes it almost impossible to be happy and we will often miss the good things that are right in front of us.  How can we  enjoy right now if we are worried about what has been or what hasn’t even happened yet?  We need to accept the bullshit of every day life as it is and not fight against reality.  We then have a choice to make.  How what will we chose to do with it?  Will we give in and get stuck or will we chose to move on and be happy?  Toby Morse said something along the lines about attitude being the difference; either it is positive or it is negative and that choice makes all the difference.  We have all been broken and our hearts seem to be continually healing so we need to get above the smog and see the sunshine somehow.  That is impossible if we dwell on the pain and embrace negativity.  We can chose to be hopeful and positive in spite of what life has thrown our way.  We can succeed.  We can find happiness.  We can move forward.  Life can be shit, but it doesn’t  have to destroy us.  Move forward, forgive yourself, forgive others, and always keep the PMA. 



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