Of Importance

Everyday is a chance to turn it all around.  I remind myself of this numorous times a day.  I don’t always have a lot to offer others and I’m not usually high up on peoples’ priority lists, but the thing that is important is that I am important to myself.  I need to have my worth come from inside rather then the judgements of others.  Just because someone doesn’t want to be with me does not follow logically to me being worthless as a human.  I have a big problem with this.  As you all know, I am a people pleaser and rejection effects me to the very core of my soul.  I try hard to positively effect others’ lives, but what I sometimes do wrong is think that I can somehow influence how someone feels by doing it.  It’s a less than helpful thing to do and I know it all to well.  I have worked over the years to let my kindness be merely that.  I don’t want to expect anything in return.  I just want it to be.  Am I making any sense?  I feel as though I am merely rambling nonsense.  If you are still reading at this point, I thank you for your patience.  I think what I’m getting at is that life is too short to worry if you are important to others, so get out and be important to you!  You are worth it!  I am worth it!  PMA all day! 



One thought on “Of Importance

  1. Happiness is our human birthright and that mainly includes your internal happiness and self-love. You’re right, you are worth it. Stay positive.

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