Head Above It

Sometimes life is shit and it is hard to see above it!  I appologize for the language, but sometimes it’s the only word that can describe a situation.  It’s just the truth at the moment and that’s where I will leave it.  Now that I have recognized the uncomfortableness of my life right now, I need to figure out what to do about it.  What would you do when it seems that it’s all collapsing around you?  Here is what I am going to do.  I am going to face it, accept it and find the lessons I can learn from it.  It will be difficult and there will still be tears, but I will keep moving forward and that is what is important.  I am told that I am too free with my kindness and that I love too easily.  I am told that is why my life seems to be always falling apart at the seams.  That could be, I guess, but I have some opinions about that as well.  I counter that argument with this: what if my commitment to kindness and my recklessness with my heart is what keeps me going?  What if it’s what I need to stay alive?  I am a big believer in being the change you want to see and I dream of a kinder, more loving society.  I’m willing to be hurt over and over if I can impact one or two lives positively and show someone they are appreciated it is all worth it.  We are all battling something and we all have been hurt, it’s how we learn from and channel that hurt is what is important. I choose to turn it into kindness.  I choose to love instead.  These are always difficult decisions to make, but I’d rather find the beauty than only see the ugly.  Look above the storm clouds and see the sunshine beyond.  It is there somewhere.  Don’t give up and keep the PMA friends.



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