I have been very anxious the last few days.  Its been a little frustrating since I have been doing so well for a long time.  I found myself beating myself up over it which was snowballing my anxiety.  I’ve caught myself now and therefore can begin to deal with it.  I’ve looked at all of the possible causes of it, from lack of sleep to some stressful money problems this month.  Those are some valid reasons to be anxious, but when it begins to be involved in every aspect of my life it’s time to breathe and step back.  I also need to stop judging myself for having these off days.  Mental illness doesn’t simply disappear even when you’ve gained a toolbox full of strategies to deal with it.  It still can creep up and show its face.  We don’t have to allow it to define us or control us.  We have the power to catch the thoughts it creates and challenge them with more rational ones.  We have the strength to work hard at facing it head on.  We have people around us who understand, even if you don’t know it yet.  Keep your head up, kid.


One thought on “Nervous

  1. Mental Illness is such a hard thing for so many, and so many people feel so alone. Your openness will give many people comfort, and your positive attitude will do the same. It’s true how no matter how prepared you are for the anxiety to any mental illness, it’ll still possible for it to creep up on you. It doesn’t go away, its just something you learn to live with. And you seem to be doing great. As someone who suffers from depression, anxiety, and insomnia, I’m trying to get to that comfortable level that you’re at. Keep writing man! You are loved.

    I run a blog about mental illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here:

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