There is always a positive spin on every situation. This is a new idea for me. I spent a good chunk of my life seeing only the negatives in each situation. I also spent a good portion of my life being miserable and sad. It takes a lot of stepping back and breathing to see the positives. Practice, practice, practice. When we are caught up in an uncomfortable situation it is difficult to see what the positive outcomes could be. Sometimes it can be days or months before we see the positive outcomes. They are there. When caught in the midst of trials remind yourself of the positives that have come out of similar times. Focus on those possibilities. There are so many choices for us to make to steer things in the right direction. Like I have said before, every moment is a chance to turn things around. Take each breath and remember to smile. Things aren’t always as bad as they seem and a disaster can open up doors for new and wonderful opportunities. Keep your head up.



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