Bad Feeling

Have you ever woke up with a general feeling of doom? That’s what I woke up with today. I am uneasy and have a feeling that something bad is about to happen. I hate this feeling and maybe that’s why it is sticking around. I’m investing a lot of energy fighting it and am giving it far too much power over my mood. It’s one of those feelings that will take any shred of evidence as proof that my day is going to suck. Load up the self fulfilling prophesies today! I’ve taken the first step and realized what is happening, now to take the next leap and beat it down with logic. First off, a general feeling is not a logical thing to base your actions on. I’ve been good at catching myself, but seemingly unwilling to change my mindset today. I’m allowing it to drive my mood today. Maybe I need to yell “Stop!” to get my attention. I also need to remember to not be to harsh on myself for this. I’ve said it before; every moment is a chance to turn your day around. I’m taking that to heart today and am working on simply seeing things as they are and not judging it. It’s tough! I will be strong and I will smile. There has been so much good in my day and I’ve been sitting here waiting for it to fall apart. Not the most helpful way to live. I will change my focus and I will see the positive. PMA.



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