I Spy

How many of us wish we could see the future? Even if it was only to catch a glimpse to gauge where your life was headed. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the majority of you would jump at the chance. I guess it’s not necessarily a bad thing to wish for that ability. If I could see where my life was headed I would pass up on certain things that I would know were dead ends. If I could save myself from heartbreak and disappointment, I’d have to admit I’d skip it. Wouldn’t you? I mean life would be a lot easier if I could plan around what my future held in store. Wouldn’t it? As I analyze this a little, I begin to find holes in my logic. Would I reach that future if I skipped the bumps in the road? It’s in those moments of failure that we learn the most. I couldn’t say for sure that the future would be as satisfying if I didn’t have to work as hard to achieve it. Really, life is all about what we do with our hardships and skipping those would create a pretty boring life. I’d be lying if I said the thought of having no pain in life didn’t intrigue me, but the logical part of me knows better. Would you look into the future of you could?



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