These last couple of weeks have been very trying and keeping a positive mental attitude has been very difficult. Life hasn’t unfolded the way I thought it should and something I thought was good has screeched to a halt and been put on hold. Everyday my heart seems to break more. I really have no idea what I am doing with my life and that lack of direction has helped raise my anxiety. It’s not a great headspace to be in. I really need to take some time and figure out where my life is headed. I’ve been trying to rebuild it after it crumbled over the last year or two. I guess the light in the darkness is that I have a clean slate to build off of. I thought I had something to build on, but that has disappeared for now. How do I do this? I really am lost in life. Hope has been difficult to find and surviving from day to day with no direction is getting old. I just want one right answer to the question of life. Through all of this I try to stay positive and see the good in the situation. As of late coming up with positive spins has been very difficult. It’s not impossible, though. I would love a life changing epiphany that will shake me out of this deep rut. I’m sure we all wish for this at times. Thanks for reading today and go keep the PMA.



2 thoughts on “PMA

  1. Sometimes the answers are a little slower to come to us. Don’t give up and be open to the little things which will lead you to hope and the answers you seek.

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