One of my favourite things about this time of year is the World Juniors. I know how stereotypically Canadian that is, but I don’t care. The truth is I love hockey. It is one of the few things that I actually enjoy watching on television. I enjoy the speed, the toughness and the teamwork. The way they rely on each other to move towards a common goal can be downright inspiring. What does this have to do with my blog, you ask? Well, it’s twofold: one, it’s finding something I enjoy and, two, it’s the lesson of relying on those around you to help carry you through tough times. There isn’t a whole lot that I enjoy, so finding something is a big deal for me. Allowing myself to enjoy it is a feat on its own. I have spent a good portion of my life telling myself that enjoyment is a bad thing. I feel a great guilt when I enjoy something. I need to realize that it is ok to enjoy something. It’s ok to find joy in little things. It’s ok to love.

I have been known to do everything on my own. I find it difficult to lean on my friends and family when times are tough. It’s admitting that I’m not strong enough to do it on my own. That’s a tough thing to swallow. How can I look at this differently? Is it really a form of weakness to ask for help? Is it really strength to do it on my own? I think I have skewed the facts here. It is courageous to ask for help. It is a form of strength to admit you can’t do it alone. It is “manly” to rely on your team to get you through.



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