Wake Up Call

My girlfriend calls me every weekday morning at 5:30. I’m fortunate to have found her and lucky that she chose me. I can wake up confident that I have someone in my corner no matter what. I’m thankful for this. It has got me thinking about all of the other people in my life as well. I have a best friend who always has my back, a roommate who puts up with my crap, three amazing kids, brothers who love me, sister-in-laws who care, parents who are amazing and family who accepts me with all of my faults. It’s easy to stumble through life without acknowledging these people, but life is too short not to say thanks to those in your life. I truly have lots to be thankful for and it makes a huge difference when you concentrate on that rather then what has gone wrong. I can rest assured that there are people who love me and would do anything for me. I can sleep at night knowing I have a woman who loves me for me. These are great things to have and I won’t take it for granted.

I will focus on this more. I will smile as I think on it. I will be joyful in all of this goodness. Even when the walls seem to fall in, this will sustain me. These early morning phone calls have been a wake up call to all that is good in my life. They have reminded me that I am worth living and that good things can happen to me. What are some good things in your life?IMG_4888.JPG


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