Where are you spending your energy today?  It’s a question I am asking myself daily in order to find out what to focus on.  Do I want to spend energy on the negative aspects of life or do I want to spend that energy on positive things.  We all awake to this choice every morning and have many chances during the day to choose.  There will be times where we choose to dwell on the negative, we’re only human, but the key is to choose the positive more often than the negative and you will be ok.  It’s something that I have been choosing to do lately and it has made my life a hell of a lot easier.  Life can be cruel.  It’s the truth and there is no use fighting it.  It’s what we do with that truth that can make or break us.  We can get caught up in how unfair life can be, or we can deal with it and move on.  There is a thing called Radical Acceptance that needs to be practiced daily in these situations.  It is something that is difficult to do as you need to accept a situation that sucks and is out of your control as it is and without judgement.  No one wants to accept that there are poor and hungry people in the world, but the reality is that there are.  What can happen once we accept this reality is that we can form a plan to deal with the problem.  Feed someone who is down on their luck, give to the poor, be kind and always show love.  That is a simple example of the choice we can make.

Stay positive in the midst of trials.  I can tell you from experience that things can and do get better.  You meet someone when you least expect it; a job falls into your lap at the right time; you see an amazing sunset.  Life has it’s perks if we look for them.  The more positive we are the more good that we will see.  If you are constantly looking for the negative, you are going to find it.  The same is true at the other end of the spectrum.  If you are always looking for the positive, you will find it.  Take time to think that over today.  Where is your energy going to be spent?  Decide and run with it.20140802-175531-64531166.jpg

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