Walk In

I’m presently sitting in the waiting room at a walk in clinic. My ribs are still quite sore and it has been almost two weeks of this. Some would say that I should have gone sooner, but here we are. I’ve spent many hours in waiting rooms throughout my life. I’m a little bit of a walking accident. I’m sure you all care deeply about my many injuries and emergencies over the years. Like mental illness, these things don’t need to define me and like mental illness I sometimes allow them to. When I hurt myself I am quick to judge it as “classic Ryan” and own it like it is somehow a part of me. I do that a lot and probably hurt myself more often because of this attitude. Life doesn’t really work that way and who do I think I am to assume that I have that much control over it? Things happen in life and is not me who controls it. Sure I could stay away from fun things and probably get injured less, but then where would the fun lie? In other words, I don’t plan on cutting out fun today.IMG_4765.JPG


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