Back Then

I grew up in a small town in Manitoba. For those that need to know, that town’s name was/is Pinawa. I have fond memories of this town, but it also housed some of the darkest times in my life. As those of you who have been following me for a while, you know my best friend committed suicide and I tried to do the same. Both of these incidents occurred while I lived in Pinawa. It seemed to have a black cloud over it during my teenage years. We had our share of suicides during that time period. We could have used some sort of mental health program. I still don’t understand why there isn’t more mental health programs available to our youth. I can’t think of a better target audience than teenagers. There is so much change happening in their bodies and lives that they could use some mental health skills. If you have kids in junior or senior high I encourage you to talk to your administration about this. I know I could have used something when I was that age. If nothing is done at the school level take the time to discuss this with your kids. It’s important.IMG_4636.JPG


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