Happy Birthday

It’s my first birthday as a single man in over 12 years. Truthfully I am depressed and don’t want to deal with the day. Took more effort than usual to get out of bed and shower this morning, but I did it and I’m proud of myself for it. I received a couple of awesome gifts already and I am grateful for that. I realize that being bummed out on my birthday is a little on the selfish side and I truly do not want to feel this way today. I’m working hard on turning it around as it is still early in the day. There are people out there who are happy I was born and at times I am too. I need to work on that. I am so grateful for those who have made it known that they are happy I am around. I don’t always need the validation, but it is truly heartwarming to know. Maybe being grateful for that will be the catalyst I need to turn this day around. I’m working on it.IMG_4619.JPG


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Hey, Happy Birthday! 🙂 Don’t put too much pressure on yourself though. It’s really good you are looking at and recognizing the positives but if you get down sometimes throughout the day, that’s OK too. I had a horrible time punishing myself for being down not realizing how counter productive that was. haha live and learn.

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