Tired of Being Tired

I’m not allowing these negative thoughts define me today. I’m lonely and I’m tired, but I’m not going to let that win. I have three kids who love me, a family that supports me and friends that care about me. I have a roof over my head and most of the time have food to eat. I have clean water and two dogs that are loyal to me. I have a lot going for me, even if a woman’s love is not one of them, and I’m not going to let all of this negativity bring me down. I need to focus on the positives around me and not worry about the future and especially stop worrying about finding someone. If it happens, it happens and that’s where that should end.

I am tired of feeling tired all of the time. I think of all the physical symptoms of depression this constant exhaustion is by far the most frustrating. I can handle the joint pain, but this tiredness is overwhelming at times. I’ve tried many things to try to counteract it, but nothing seems to work. It takes so much potential enjoyment out of the day and really dampens my ambition. I’m tired of being tired.IMG_4408.JPG


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