It’s very rare that I put together two days in a row where I feel good. I think it helped that I went to bed with a smile on my face. For those who know me well know that I don’t smile often and as such can come off as a bit of a jerk. I don’t mean to, really, but I just don’t always feel like smiling. Today I do. I feel positive and happy. I had a great time last night with someone who knows how to make me smile and woke up feeling the benefits of it. I’m told that if I want to be happy and positive that I should surround myself with those who nurture that attitude within me. I’m grateful for this person and the others who have carried me through my often rocky and turbulent life. I hope that I can stretch this feeling over numerous days, but for now I’ll enjoy the moments it is here. I want to clarify that I am not reliant on others for happiness, but merely surrounding myself with those who support a positive attitude and therefore help enhance my happiness. I hope I can be that to others as well. Positivity is an attitude that has to be worked on. Some people seem to have a gift or are naturally this way, but for us mortals it is something that takes hard work and tons of courage. It doesn’t mean that if you feel negative one day that you have failed. We all feel that way sometimes, it’s about getting up and taking that one step forward. You can see how this could be difficult if you surround yourself with negativity. Negativity breeds more of itself. Surround yourself with positivity and lean on your friends and family when you feel weak. As always, keep the PMA!IMG_4315.JPG


One thought on “Rarity

  1. The people we surround ourselves with make a world of difference in our lives. Smiles are contagious and so is negativity. I prefer a smiling, uplifting friend any day over a negative minded one. So happy that you’re happy today!

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