Another Music Post

There are few things that I connect with like I do with music. It can portray emotions that simple words cannot explain, it can create a sense of belonging that merely being in a room with a group of people can’t. It transcends race, economics, politics and gender. It can touch the rich and the poor alike. I spent (spend) a good portion of my life playing in bands. I toured with Strength In Solitude, I played many amazing shows with Far From Over, I played some great blues with Big Papa G and the Chain-breakers, I had a great time playing with The Hummers and am now enjoying my time with my band Standoff. There is a special feeling when you get to share your gift with others and there is little that I enjoy as much as I do playing on stage. I feel confident, I feel in control and most of all, I feel happy. For someone who suffers from crippling anxiety and depression the positive feelings are a welcome change. Most of my musical experience comes from the punk and hardcore scene, so I connect most with those lifestyles and I always will be grateful for the things the scene has given me. Hardcore and punk has seen me through the good and the bad and has always accepted me for me. Music in general is a great thing, you don’t need to like the same style as me; some people connect with Pop, others with metal, reggae, rock, and others. I don’t care who you are, music can play a healing roll!IMG_4063.JPG


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