Winter’s Coming.

Up here in the frozen north there is a terrible season known as winter.  I’m not one to complain too much about the weather, but after the frigid winter we had last year I am not looking forward to it.  The short days, the freezing temperatures, the shoveling of snow; it all fills me full of dread.  There were far too many -40 C days, most of which included wind and snow.  It’s coming again.  It does every year.  I’m desperately trying to prepare myself for the dark, cold days ahead.  I’m not really sure how or what to do other than accept my fate and just get through it.  That is probably the right answer as it comes down to radically accepting the fact that the subzero temperatures are on their way and the snow will fly.  There is absolutely nothing I can do about that.  I can’t lengthen the days either, so I’ll have to accept that as well.  I don’t have to like it, but I have to come to terms with the fact that I can’t change it.  Winter is a tough season to get through when you suffer from depression; there is a greater feeling of solitude and the bleak, dark days don’t fill your heart with hope.  I will admit that there are aspects of winter that are beautiful; the white snow in the sun, the shapes etched by the frost and the always stunning Hoarfrost.  It can be beautiful and maybe I should be focusing more on those aspects rather then the negative ones.  I don’t have to like winter, but I can try to enjoy it.  It’s just around the corner!20140127-121722.jpg

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