Lessons Learned

There have been a few things I have learned from the last few months.  I was thinking about some of them today and hoped to take a tally of what I’ve learned.  My scattered brain being what it is, I will ramble on about it for a while and hopefully bring it on home in some sort of conclusion.  What’s life without lessons?  If we aren’t learning, we aren’t living.  I think the biggest lesson from the end of my marriage is that my happiness is not the responsibility of anyone else but myself.  I can’t place that kind of pressure on people.  I can’t place that kind of pressure on my relationships.  Happiness comes from inside of me, not from someone else.  I need to be happy with myself and when it comes down to it, I am.  I can share my happiness with someone, but I can’t rely on them to make me happy.

Another lesson I have learned is to never take anyone for granted.  You never know when your paths will separate.  That could be from many things, but in the end did you put everything you could into the relationship or did you simply coast and assume they’d still be there tomorrow? Tell those around you that you appreciate them.  Build them up.  Be thankful for every moment you have with them.  Our time here is precious, live it wisely, love unconditionally and always be true to yourself.



2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. You create your own happiness first then find someone who adds to it! 💙 never sacrifice your happiness for anything. I loved your story and hope you stay strong!

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