My whole life I had to learn the hard way.  This is not a blame society post, I chose to learn the hard way.  I would get good advice on how to go about something and I would put it aside and do it my way.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.  Sometimes I got hurt.  The key thing was that I learned from it.  It didn’t stop me from doing other things my way again, just that if I were faced with the same situation I would know what doesn’t work.  I still question everything I hear and try things my way because I’m stubborn that way.  I don’t think that it’s necessarily a bad thing.  It may be because my Dad worked in a Nuclear Research Facility and science demands that you question everything.  It seems to be in my DNA.  I know it will backfire on me when my kids start questioning everything I say, but good for them.  There is more to life than simply following blindly.  Get out there, get dirty, learn new things, meet new people.  These are things I need to do more of.

You will get hurt.  This is a fact of life.  It’s what you do about that hurt that will guide you through life.  Do you let that hurt defeat you or do you learn from that hurt and grow?  Seems like a simple decision to make, but giving into the hurt is so damn easy.  You’ll be knocked down and maybe even humiliated, but pull yourself up and keep moving forward.  Life is an experience, get out there and experience it!




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