Pain and Beauty

In life we all encounter pain. Sometimes it can be so profound that it feels as though life itself has collapsed around you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there more times than I wish to count! What can we do when all that is before us is an abyss so black that it swallows any light that passes by? What can we do when our very soul seems to have disappeared? Look for beauty. There is a hope in the beauty that surrounds us. It seems to say that everything will somehow be ok. Look to the trees, or the birds, or your kids. Look to your friends. Look all around you and find something beautiful to hold on to. Life is more than the blackness of pain and it can give as much joy as pain. Don’t let pain and suffering blind you to the bigger picture. It can get better. Life has broken me numerous times and it will probably do it a few more times. Pain is a part of life. The wonderful thing is that it isn’t all there is to life. There is joy, hope, love and so much else. Let yourself experience the good things in life and don’t ever give up. You never know what the next adventure will be if you spend your time on your back in the dark valley. There is beauty and love in life and sometimes both are directly in front of you. Look past the abyss, life awaits.IMG_3840.JPG


2 thoughts on “Pain and Beauty

  1. I totally agree! Don’t let the darkness of mental illness sweep you off your feet. Stand back up, look it squarely in the eye and greet it like a best friend. Only then will true acceptance follow.

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