So Tired

I didn’t have a great sleep last night.  It’s amazing how much of an effect that a lack of sleep has on your over-all mood.  I’m so tired and this whole day has been a struggle to stay positive.  If I were to close my eyes, I would probably fall asleep.  The heartaches of the past seem to crawl back into the forefront and the hurts of yesterday grab a hold of me.  The constant battle against the barage of thoughts gets far more difficult when sleep eludes me.  I’m sure everyone can understand the struggles to function when you haven’t slept; it’s not just a mental illness suffer’s battle.  The ideas are not flowing today and I think I’m going to relax this evening.  Kindness toward yourself is a good thing and I’m going to try to be kind to myself tonight.  I’m going to enjoy my dogs and not feel guilty for going to bed early.  I’m not going to feel bad for allowing my ambition to take a back seat.  I’m going to watch something on Netflix in my bed and I’m not going to feel any guilt for it.  What do you do to be kind to yourself?20140805-095320-35600145.jpg



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