Embrace Longer

Life is an incredibly fragile thing.  I know this isn’t big news, but I feel I need to talk about it today.  You never know when your last moment will be and you never know how that last moment will be.  I know worrying about that is a waste of time and that isn’t what this post will be about.  I want to talk about recognizing the people in your life and letting them know often that they are appreciated.  I want to talk about seizing every moment you can and getting all that you can out of it.  I want to talk about embracing the ones you love that extra second; kiss your sweetheart longer; hug your kids often.  I want to talk about living life.

I worry about things a lot.  I’m sure there are a few of you out there who do as well.  Where does this worry get me?  Nowhere.  It wastes time that I could be spending living my life and enjoying the moment.  If you are with someone, cherish each moment with them as you never know when you or them may be gone.  Enjoy their company.  Appreciate them for who they are.  I only see my kids on weekends and one day a week and I get them tonight.  I’m going to hug them tightly and enjoy their company.  Enjoy the important people in your life, hug them tight and tell them how much they mean to you.  You never know when you will no longer have the choice.IMG_3735-0.JPG



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