Today was supposed to be my first day of classes.  As I see people’s posts about going back to university today I find myself a little saddened by it.  I had a dream to pursue and it was quickly dashed when my marriage fell apart.  It could still happen one day.  I could find a new path to follow in the mean time.  The reason for this post today is not to figure out my dreams, but to talk about distracting myself from rumination on it.  I want to feel sorry for myself and rage at fate for bringing this plague upon me.  I want to be angry.  If I sit idle, I risk falling into that trap.  Let’s take for an example yesterday.  I was ruminating on something very heavily and it was sucking the life right out of me.  I was sitting around at home allowing it to happen.  My roommate called me and needed me to bring him something.  That took time and during that time I wasn’t thinking about the issue at hand.  I was distracted by something else and it was helpful.  Sometimes we need to busy ourselves in order to keep from disappearing into the abyss of worry or depression.  Sometimes doing tedious things can save us from it.  A friend texted me to go for a walk last night as well and I took her up on it.  Another great decision on my part as I was able to distract further from my worry.

This is not meant as a cure for worry, but sometimes we need a break.  Distraction won’t deal directly with the issue that is bothering you, but it may buy you some time to figure out a plan.  Sometimes the worry is just worry and simply needs a distraction to dissipate.  Anxiety is not an easy illness to deal with, so the more tools I can get, the better.20140806-121145-43905695.jpg



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