Good Enough

“You aren’t good enough!”. That is the prevalent thought in my head this morning. Not good enough to have friends; not good enough for my kids; not good enough. Well brain, those thoughts are not accurate. I am good enough. My kids love me, my friends enjoy my company and I have a lot to offer to people I haven’t met yet. These thoughts are always forming, such is the nature of depression, but I am working on challenging these thoughts and disproving them with some rational thinking. It is easy for me to fall back on my failed marriage to “prove” that I’m worthless and fall short. It’s easy to find evidence to support a negative if you look hard enough. I’ve decided to look for evidence that supports me being good enough. It can be difficult to switch your automatic thinking. It’s a path that has been well worn and it is easy to slip back onto it. Just keep trying!!IMG_3854.JPG


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