Day 2

It’s one of those days where I want to simply go home, take my meds and pass out for the night.  I have been having panic attacks all day and I can’t seem to calm myself down.  I keep reminding myself that life isn’t always like this and that these days will happen.  I haven’t been magically cured of my Anxiety Disorder or my Depression, I have simply gained tools to help me cope.  Some days those tools just aren’t enough.  Some days are bad days and I still need to live through them.  The bad days don’t define me and these panic attacks are not who I am.  Life does what it does and sometimes it effects us in ways that make us uncomfortable, but we need to remember that life isn’t fair and that fighting against that fact is exhausting and pointless.  Even on days like today where I feel like curling up in a ball and sleeping the day away, I need to keep a positive attitude and remember that tomorrow is yet another day and things could change at any moment!  PMA!



One thought on “Day 2

  1. Here’s holding you up in my heart Ryan. I so admire how far you’ve come and how you have pursued your healing. If I can encourage you in any way. . . . get a good drum riff going in your head, work to it interact percussively with the sounds around you even the annoying ones! That’s what Bach did!
    This provides me with a helpful distraction sometimes.

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