I tried to not use the loss of a great actor as fodder for my blog, but this is a subject that needs to be addressed whenever possible.  Depression is a very real illness, no matter what some people will try to tell you.  It can eat you and spit you out.  The hopelessness that envelopes you is very real and the despair is heartbreaking.  Even with help, some still succumb to its lies.  I realize that suicide is a choice that one must make, but coming from someone who has suffered from depression his whole life, it can seem like the only choice you have at points.  The thoughts that enter your mind become so twisted and repeated so often that your capacity to make logical decisions is altered.  I am not condoning suicide, I am merely pointing out the realities of it.  Now that I have pounded you into sadness, let me try to turn this into something helpful.  If you are reading this and all of this seems to be familiar, please get help.  It’s out there and it’s helpful.  It takes a lot of work and at times will seem hopeless, but after many years of trying many different things I am at a point where I can deal with the depression head on and keep my wits about me.  It’s no fairy tale ending, but it’s a leap and a bound better than I was even a year ago.  Keep in mind that everyone is different, so something that works for me won’t necessarily work for you so be sure to explore all of the options that are out there.  Sometimes meds work, sometimes they don’t; sometimes CBT works and sometimes it won’t.  Sometimes mindfulness works, sometimes it doesn’t.  The list goes on.  I think the key point is to keep trying and try hard to stay positive, even when the world around you seems to be crumbling.  Keep your head up kid.



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