Rebuilding Bridges

When my wife left, I isolated myself from a lot of the friends who had my back before. I wasn’t interested in hearing any encouraging words; I just wanted to feel the despair and be the victim. I was prepared to cut ties with everyone who was close to me. I just wanted a complete redo at life; a clean slate. As time went on and I got myself together I noticed what I had done. I was sure that they would all be angry with me for my isolation. With this in my head, I continued to isolate myself from these people while tending to new friendships.

I know now that they were not angry with me. Not only were they not angry, but were completely understanding. Now comes the hard part for me; rebuilding those friendships as a new man. I’ve made many changes since this whole situation began and it may take time to see how this new Ryan fits into these friendships. I hope I can bring more positivity than I once did and make them happy they stuck around.IMG_3734-0.JPG


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