How About That

I know it’s been said in meme form over and over, but everyone has a secret battle raging in their life, so be kind! I have been trying to look at people this way in an attempt to change the selfish way I look at the world. There used to be so much “woe is me” and very little “how are you”. I’m working on it. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I can’t expect to be. I’m only human and as such am imperfect by nature. I need to tell myself that often. When someone is rude or inconsiderate remember that they may be dealing with something that is eating at them relentlessly. Maybe they’ve had a recent divorce or separation, or maybe their beloved pet died the night before. It could be thousands of things that you haven’t even imagined yet. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt lately as it goes hand in hand with positivity. Change your thinking and change your life!20140806-121145-43905695.jpg


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