It’s Friday.  This morning has been stressful, but I’m surviving.  What does your morning routine look like?  Lately mine has consisted of hitting snooze to many times and having to rush out the door.  I don’t have anyone to blame but myself for this.  I’m simply trying to squeeze in every ounce of sleep that I can!  This doesn’t make my mornings any easier as I start off with the stress of having to rush to get ready and out the door.  I then should all over myself and repremand me for not getting up earlier.  I “should” get up at the first alarm.  A lot to learn from there.

It’s a tough day to keep the PMA.  I’m feeling down in the dumps and that’s ok.  I have neglected to mention that lately; that it’s ok to feel down.  I won’t beat myself up about it, nor should I.  I realize that I suffer from depression and as such am a little more suseptible to feel this way.  Instead of ruminating on it, I will let the thoughts form and disappear without attaching.  It’s all I can do at the moment and that’s ok.  It’s hard being away from my kids as long as I have.  They have been in Calgary since the end of June and will remain there until mid August.  I’m sure that is part of why I’m feeling so down today.  I have been using this time to get ok with being myself, by myself.  It is tough some days knowing there is no one waiting at home, but I know that it is for the best and that I will (and already am) look back on this time as a time of growth and maturity.  There is always a positive to a situation, it just may take time to see it sometimes.  Don’t give up.  Get up, tell yourself you’re worth it and tackle the day!




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