I had a dream that I was a motivational speaker last night.  I don’t know how much weight I want to place on such a dream, though it did leave me with a sense of purpose when I awoke.  It’s a path I have thought about before and something that I see as respectable if done with the correct intentions.  The singer from the hardcore band H20 does his take on it with his idea of One Life, One Chance where he talks to kids about being drug free and maintaining a positive mental attitude.  If I could channel that type of energy, I think I could respect myself enough to do it.  It’s important to me to show kids hope for the future as bands like H20 did for me growing up.  I’d like to be someone who inspires people and motivates them to live life to the fullest and always have a positive outlook, even in times of strife.  This dream has me thinking and maybe that’s all it was meant to do.  Right now I’m going to keep a Positive Mental Attitude, keep away from drugs and alcohol, and stay strong with my veganism.  I’ll write about it and hopefully someone will be inspired to turn their life around and keep the PMA!

How much weight do you place on dreams?





6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. A motivational speaker? Are you kidding me? The world had enough problems as it is.
    No one would ever want to listen to nor pay a self absorbed catastrophe like this for any public appearance.
    You’re an individual devoured by fear, afraid of shadows and
    Loneliness. The emotional dark ages you wallow in are not a place for happy and inspired people.

    • A motivational speaker is not someone who has it all together. It is a person who has had great struggles and has learned to move past them. It is someone who has looked into the shadows and has been devoured by fear and loneliness and has lived to see the other side. This is inspiration for others.

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  3. Trudy, I so so SO agree with you. It is hard to listen to someone who is speaking on something – giving all the answers/advice to life and yet has not walked through anything life shaking or just plain hard. I learn the most, listening to someone share from the heart – and from the things he/she has learned in life. There is something about authenticity that speaks deeply to others. However, of course, as you Ryan have experienced, being authentic about your life – honest and open, makes you vulnerable! Keep dreaming – keep walking forward – keep getting up and dusting yourself off. You are gaining strength. You are moving forward one day, one step at a time. Life is full. You have alot of life ahead of you. Keep looking ahead and just take it a day, or an hour, or even a minute at a time. You are getting stronger. You can do it. I am rooting for you. Praying too … because that’s what I believe in – with all my heart. SO, you are being prayed for.

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