Change Your View

I walked down to a used car dealership to try to look at a minivan.  When I got there, they were closing.  Had this been a year ago I would have been angry and bitter and vow to never set foot in that place again.  This time around I took a breath and walked home, enjoying the views and sounds instead.  It would have been nice to take a look at the van and maybe talk about purchasing it, but it wasn’t happening and there was no use fighting it.  I decided to enjoy the walk instead.  A friend told me yesterday that she has noticed a big change since my marriage fell apart and I’ve noticed that this attitude change is one of them.  It was nice to hear it from an outside source as I don’t always notice every change as it’s happening.

I think the point of todays post, if there is one, is that even when things don’t go you’re way, there is always something positive to focus on.  I chose to see it as a chance to get outside and get excercize.  I did see the van from the outside and decided that I would be interested in it, so it wasn’t a complete waste of a trip.  If you find yourself going down the negative road, just stop, breathe and remember to be positive.  There is always something, though sometimes it may be harder to find then others.  It’s worth searching for; believe me!



2 thoughts on “Change Your View

  1. I agree with you totally! the young people of today are so angry at life for no apparent reason, that is why there is so much violence in the city today. If they took some time to actually sit down and think before they act, then we wouldn’t be having these problems. I believe that if some of the youth could control some of their anger then we would probably have a brighter day.

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