Where’s Your Focus

What are you focusing on this morning? Are you thinking about the mistakes of yesterday? Are you day dreaming of the future and what may or may not happen? Where is your mind living right now? Is it enjoying that coffee and seeing what’s going on right now, or is it clouded by regrets and thoughts of the future? Let me challenge you with something this morning; something that I need to be challenged with as well. Let me ask you to focus on right now and not yesterday or tomorrow. What is happening around you this very second? What song do you hear? How deeply are you breathing? How does that coffee taste in your mouth? Savour your breakfast and experience it as best you can. What do you see around you? Make time for yourself. Enjoy yourself and live everyday to the fullest! Let me know how this works for you! Have a great and fulfilling day!20140713-101637-36997281.jpg


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