I Will Prevail

Mental illness does not have to run our lives. It doesn’t need to define our everyday life. We can let it if we want to, but I don’t want to. I’m of the mindset that I can live a good life in spite of my illnesses. It isn’t easy and some days I really just want to give up, but I’ll keep moving forward through the good and bad. I will live my life everyday and I will worry less about the past and try to exist in the present. I will remember to breathe when I need to and I will forgive myself when I mess up. I will enjoy music and I will have fun. I will smile more and feel sorry for myself less. I do miss the joy of the human touch, but I’m not going to jump into just anyone’s arms. I have had my heart broken enough times to know that eventually I will be ready for the right person. I’m going to enjoy getting to know myself and I will prevail!20140712-170406-61446249.jpg


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