Positivity in Heartbreak

What do you do when you wake up and your heart is broken?  What do you tell yourself to get out of bed?  It can be hard to remain positive through it.  Some mornings it takes a lot of positive self-talk to get me out of bed and facing the day, especially on days where I don’t work and have nothing planned.  It is very easy to let your mind wander to all the what ifs and regrets in your life.  It is ok to set aside a time to worry about life, but make sure to set a time limit or it will take over your life.  I have yet to master this strategy, but I’m told it is very helpful once you do.  As you set aside time, you’ll find it harder and harder to fill.  Today I woke up with a heavy heart and talked myself through it so I wouldn’t miss my bus.  I have been stressing keeping a positive attitude all through this healing process, but some days it can be exhausting to do.  Like anything that is difficult, it is worth it.  Sometimes I’ll have to repeat myself numerous times to change my thinking and sometimes I only have to say it once, in the end perseverance will pay off.  What do I tell myself when I need some positive motivation?  Some things I say are, “You’re a good person”, “You’re worth every ounce of effort”, “You’re kids love you, so you’re doing something right”; the list goes on.  Nothing but positive things and no giving up in the face of hardship.  I have proven to be resilient in my 33 years on this earth and I use that as motivation when I’m faced with hard times.  One thing I’ve learned in my short time here is that hard times come and go, and if I push through and learn from them I will come out a better person.  I hope that my experiences (both good and bad) will be used to motivate others to soldier on and keep the PMA!  I’ve gone through points in my life where I’ve fostered a pessimistic attitude and those were the hardest and darkest points in my life and keeping the attitude of pessimism only dug me deeper into despair.  Once I chose to change that attitude, things became clearer and life became less of chore.  Remember the lessons you’ve learned and always keep a Positive Mental Attitude!  Life is hard, but there are good things waiting for us if we look for them.  Work hard, start today, PMA!




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