Workin’ Stiff

I have been on the roof the last day and a bit. It has been hot and humid and I’m exhausted. It feels good doing some physical labour, even if I am incredibly out of shape! I got up this morning and with help from some kind words from a friend, I told myself that I could do it and that it would be a good day! So far it has, but a thunderstorm cut the day short. I have a free evening ahead of me to try and keep busy during. It will be a good evening full of music and hopefully good conversation.

Life is so full of possibilities right now. I am excited about where it’s heading right now. Realizing that I’m not a freak or alone in my quirks has been freeing. I’m feeling so happy lately as well. Something I haven’t felt for an incredibly long time. Things are changing! PMA!!20140705-150305-54185127.jpg


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