Another Day Above Water

Went out with a good friend last night.  It was a great time, especially because of her understanding of my mental health issues.  It was good for me and I felt great the whole time.  Normally social situations stress me out to no end, but I made it and will do it again!   There was one incident in particular that I am going to write about.  After we ate, we walked to the Exchange and sat by the Cube stage to talk for a bit.  A man who looked about 40 fell down some stairs and smashed head first into the concrete.  We looked at eachother and immediately went to check on him.  He wasn’t moving and wasn’t responding to our questions so as she kept talking to him to see if she could get a response I phoned 911.  Before I got off the phone the man stood up and refused to wait for the ambulance.  I followed him to give directions to EMS.  It was a stressful situation and we both handled it pretty well for a couple of anxiety ridden people.  What got to me was that the half dozen other people who saw it happen didn’t even flinch.  No one asked if he was ok and no one helped to stop him from leaving.  No one wanted to get involved I guess.

I could dwell on the lack of action of others or I can be happy that we rose above our crippling anxiety and did something.  we can focus on what others don’t do, or we can do something.  We can’t control what others do, but we can control what we do, so we did something.  We can’t sit and wait for others do take action because they may never do so.  We can stand up and do what needs to be done and we don’t need to wait.

After the good evening out, I was able to see the sunset while I walked over the bridge.


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