Positivity is a choice we must make.  It is one of those things that you have to keep choosing in order to keep it going.  Life is a cold, unforgiving and unfair thing if we choose to dwell on it.  The evidence for the negative is overwhelming when we turn on the news or see the unfortunate.  Every day is a battle out there and we can choose to complain and fight the reality or we can accept and find the positives.  What exactly are the positives?  Look at what you can learn from your failures and your struggles.  Look at what you can do moving forward instead of what you failed to do before.  Every moment is a chance to begin again.  Every moment is the chance to learn and to move forward.  If you fail in one moment, the next you can succeed.

This is the last weekend I get to see my kids for over a month.  I also have a show out-of-town today that I’m not completely sure how we’re making it there.  I’m a little stressed about everything today and the dreams of all the worst case scenarios did not help things.  If I was a failure, I wouldn’t have a job.  If I was un-loveable, I wouldn’t have friends who text me all the time to talk.  I’m ok.  I’ll be ok.




2 thoughts on “P.M.A.

  1. You will – you will be okay. You are right that in order to remain positive, we must practice positivity every day. But even if we fall, we can pick ourselves up and keep going. Tomorrow is always a new day, a fresh day to start over, a day full of opportunities.

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