Father’s Day Weekend

This is my first Father’s Day weekend as a single dad. It’s a little easier as I’ve been helping my roommate move in and I have the kids. It’s raining so we are stuck inside on our electronic devices trying to not go stir crazy. I’m in a constant stat of anxiety lately and it is getting tiresome, but I’m trying to live moment to moment so that the worries don’t overwhelm me. I also feel like doing nothing but sleep lately. I know this is a symptom of my depression that has been a challenge since she left me. I wish I could skip the days where my heart is in pieces and I can barely breathe, but I can’t. I want to hate her on these days. I want to blame her for all of this. I want to hug her one last time. None of these thoughts are helpful and none of them will cure the heartache, so I must keep moving on and keep going forward.20140614-143626-52586737.jpg


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