The wind was working hard against me this morning throughout my bike ride to work.  It was a test of my resolve, that’s for sure.  It’s easy to blame the wind for how I’m feeling or to somehow twist it into God continuing to punish me for my marriage breaking up.  I know niether of those thoughts are true, but it’s not hard to find evidence in support of them.  The wind is not a concious being;  it can’t decide for itself where, when and how it blows.  It is merely the sum of many natural occurances and not a vengeful God adding to my many woes.  On the bright side, if the wind continues from the same direction, my ride home will be a breeze!

I followed my own advice and went out to take some pictures last night.  It was a nice little walk, though I didn’t make it out of my comfortable zone this time around.  I’ll take my bike next time to increase my range.  We shall see.  It’s amazing the things you notice when you are trying to notice things.  That was a great sentence, I’m glad I wrote it.  When you take your mind off the past and the future and merely notice the present you see things differently.





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