There is still a big mess left in the kids room from when she moved out. I’m told she will take care of it and my attempts to tidy it have only ended in frustration and tears. It’s like a constant reminder of how alone I am now. That being said, there is some practicing I can do here. It’s a good chance to radically accept the situation. Yes it’s a mess. No, I didn’t make it. Yes, she’s gone for good. Yes I’m lonely as hell. Now what? None of this has to define me. It merely is what happens to be occurring at this particular point in time. Accepting this does not mean this isn’t difficult or uncomfortable. It is hard, but moving on requires me to accept my fate in this situation and begin concentrating on the next chapter in life. Once I’m ok with myself as a single dad, I do plan on finding a partner again. I think that’s ok to say now. I need to not worry about that now. I need to live in the present and enjoy my life as it comes. It’s my last day with the kids until next weekend so I’m going to go enjoy them.20140608-100403-36243268.jpg


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