Self Reliable

I relied too heavily on her for everything including my sense of self.  I’m realizing now that everything from finances to doctors to my own happiness were piled onto her.  It’s a wonder she didn’t leave earlier.  I am now responsible for my own finances, food, doctors, and happiness.  I should have been before.  I know, I know, I just shoulded all over myself, but the truth is I am responsible for me with or without a partner.  My happiness is not anyone else’s responsibility but my own.  I need to beat this into my head.  It’s important for me to realize if I’m to move forward.  This is the end of an old life and the beginning of a new, hopefully better, life.  I’ll ask again, Who am I?

I am:

A father

A son

A musician

A human being

A vegan

A guitar player

A singer

A lot of things.

I have a little bit of a difficulty at work as well.  My ex is in construction and I’m in selling construction material and I end up dealing with my ex’s work.  It is harder to deal with than I thought even if I don’t deal with her directly.  I hope this all gets easier, I really do.  Is there a way to skip this part?



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