The show went well last night. I’m not used to staying up that late and slept in until 9 this morning. I’m sore and tired, but that is ok. I was able to funnel a lot of my frustration and anger into the performance on stage, so it was definitely worth it. I am a little disappointed that I had to miss my cousin’s wedding and I hope it doesn’t cause too much friction. I am officially car-less after today as she will be taking it from now on. I can say that I am ok with that right now as I can’t afford the extra expense. I will have to take my bike everywhere now, so maybe I’ll get in better shape.

I have to admit that seeing how easily she has moved on is heartbreaking to me. She tells me that she is so much happier now and that really hurts inside. It is what it is and I can’t worry about what she’s doing; my job is to worry about my own happiness. Right now it seems far fetched to think of me feeling good about this, but I’m told in time it will get better. 20140525-103145-37905471.jpg


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