Not The Only One

I’m not the first to go through this and I definitely won’t be the last. That fact doesn’t make it easier, but the realization that people have survived this and have ended up enjoying some happiness helps a little. I need to accept that she may find happiness with someone else and that it really isn’t my business if she does. I need to accept that she had been working towards this for a long time so that may happen sooner than later. Thinking about it is painful, so I need to accept and move on to making myself happy. I plan on one day finding someone new and finding happiness with them (though not dependent on them). I will be happy one day and I am moving on every day. I’ve been allowing myself to enjoy when cute girls smile at me and not allowing guilt to rule me. It is true that I have made many mistakes in my life and many in my now broken marriage. I choose to learn from them, use the skills I have been taught and become the best man I can be. I can control nothing except myself and my happiness depends on no one but me. I also have three wonderful children who still need their dad. They need to see their dad happy and not the pitiful, self-loathing shell I have been over the past month. I will be happy; look out ladies! 😉



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