Live On

I can’t control the situation. I can’t control what others do. I can’t control the weather. There is a lot that is out of my control and I need to stop trying to control them. I can control how I react to a situation and I need to practice this more often. There I go with the all or nothing “need” word. I would like to practice this more often. I might fall short sometimes, but I can just try again. Life keeps happening regardless of the plight and I want to take it as it comes at me. I accept that my heart is broken; I don’t like it, but I realize that is where I’m at right now. I have been analyzing every encounter with her to try to guess where I stand and it is giving me nothing but misery. I hope, but I want to be realistic too. I’ve been punishing myself for this everyday and have been trying to show the changes that are being made, but again, I can’t control this.



5 thoughts on “Live On

  1. Sometimes there is no place in our vocabulary for a particular word, other times it just requires the correct context.
    I think “need” is correct in this context. When something is valuable for you to do for self betterment, and you want to do it, ascribing it the word need gives it a sort of positive influence in your brain. It tells your subconscious that this thing you are saying you “need” is important.
    Sometimes that’s the best route to continuing to help yourself, and vocabulary is a tool at your disposal to wield in aiding your own mental health.
    Having the ability to empower your brain to feel active, and feel the importance of something you know will aid you in living your life better, that can be a very positive thing.
    Use it wisely, but don’t feel bad for needing things, even if you don’t *feel* it’s a true need, there is nothing wrong with labeling things that can help you as needs, for those things it is an accurate label. 😉

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