I Am Worthwhile

I keep telling myself this because I definitely don’t always believe that. I need to admit that I have not been easy to live with over the last few years. I was quick to anger and was grumpy and miserable most of the time. I relied completely on Dawn to define me and never let myself grow as an individual. I am beginning to see a little more clearly and some of the time I believe I can be something more. It is not easy. It is excruciatingly hard and my heart feels like it is pumping ice (to use a tired cliche). I need to accept this as it is and I need to grow and move forward from this. I know that there is no hope of reconciliation and I know that this is mostly my own doing, but I need to forget about that and do better this time. I may be alone forever, or I may not be. Either way I need to learn to be alone. I need to remember who I am and I need to get through!



3 thoughts on “I Am Worthwhile

  1. Yes you are! It it very commendable when a person can own up to their mistakes. Marriage and the fall apart of it is almost always two-sided. You can’t fix their side, but you can work on yours. Realizing where you went wrong, is a great step toward your future.

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