A Little Early

I’m here a little early this morning. Riding my bike cut a large chunk off of my transit time. I did forget how frightening biking down Portage Avenue can be. I swear the potholes are five times bigger when you are on your bike. Now I sit here with my coffee trying to write down my thoughts and prepare myself for the intensity of the day that is STAT. I have to admit that it is uncomfortable and I have been having a large amount of panic attacks, but I have travelled down this path for so long that changing directions is going to cause some friction. Friction is a mild term for the feelings that are pouring over. I’m hoping to learn to master this mindfulness thing, though it is impossible to perfect. I have learned that perfection is not a realistic goal to strive for. Perfection has been a running problem for me for a long time and the pursuit of it has been very damaging to me and to others around me. Has anyone perfected anything 100% ? Anyone? No? Ok, good.



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