Set Your Goals

I need to skateboard more often. That is a goal for me. Seems attainable, right? I make this goal every spring and don’t follow through. A lot of us make New Years resolutions; this is mine and like most resolutions it gets pushed aside rather quickly. Why is it that I can’t keep a simple goal on track? Upon further analysis I have come to some conclusions that make some sense. One is that I use time, or lack thereof, as an excuse. It’s easy to say that I ran out of time and couldn’t get to the skatepark. To look at the problem in a new light, skateboarding can be done on the front sidewalk with the kids. There goes my time problem. Another reason I give is the fact that I can’t do a lot of the tricks I used to do. Boo hoo. I’m older, I’m out of practice and have some injuries that complicate things a little, so why am I expecting to be as good as I once was? Boom. There goes that. Skateboarding was always about fun and not about skill.

I’m told that I am too old to do these things, but you are only too old if you think you are. I’m not too old, even if I do feel it some days. I have broken bones, concussed myself and have suffered lacerations and sprains, but it is fun. My goal this summer? Skateboard more.



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